Marine Transport
large volumes and flexibility

We offer you a competent support for marine transports. Thanks to our extensive partner network, we can reach almost every port in the world. Full-Container-Load (FCL), Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) shipments, will be transported according to your requirements to the port of destination or to the delivery place. Feel free to contact us!

Airline Transport
the goods can be delivered over long distances in a very short time

Are you worried about the packages you have to ship? Do you need a urgent delivery? The packages will be in good care, even for the longest distances! Airline transport is a safe, flexible and fast method to ship the desired packages anywhere in the world!

Road Transport
safety and flexibility

Whether short or long-distance transports – we are ready to ship your packages in maximum safety conditions! Choose the best services and rely on the excellent quality-price ratio. Joth Logistik comes handy whenever you need!

About us

We are a young company with a lot of experience in the transportation industry. The most important objective that we have is finding the best solution for our client’s requests, offering this way all the logistics in an easy, efficient, safe way and beyond everything, at a reasonable price. Nationally and internationally, we take care of import and export of partially full or full charges on pallets, big-bags or as free goods. Depending on the size of the charge, we use the right vehicles from sprinter up to 40 tones trucks. We manage every situation carefully and we prioritize the client’s requests, so we can establish a long-lasting collaboration.

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Road Transport


Marine Transport


Airline Transport


Always on time

There are cases when shipping can become impossible. This is why our team is making everything possible so you can expect results beyond your expectations. The shipping is made in real-time, so you can always choose Joth Logistik.

Always prompt

It is very important to rely on prompt services, and we know this the best and we rely on promptitude, quality, professionalism, transparency and trust! You want promptitude? No problem! We are here to help!








The furniture Industry

Given the evolution of the furniture industry lately, the demand is high and continuously changing. We are those that we offer you the possibility to solve your things much faster and better than you can imagine.

The wood, cellulose and paper industry

Both the wood and printing industries are way more common. We are constantly putting in real efforts to satisfy every client that wants professionalism and safety!


We all know how important the automotive industry is when it comes to automotive companies. In addition, it is a logistics activity with a complex degree in logistics industry.


Food transport is one of the industries where speed and safety of transport are vital. Respecting all the norms specific to this industry, we make sure that the food goods arrive at their destination safely and unaltered.


Do you want your well-packaged electrical appliances to be handled and transported at an advantageous and safe price? Joth Logistik can help you, with rich logistics experience in transporting electrical appliances.


The transport of chemical goods, metals, equipment, construction materials or textiles are just a few examples of the niches we approach in organizing a professional transport logistics. Unlimited logistics is not just a motto of our company but the way we interpret the exploration of possibilities and solutions offered to the customer.




Quality management

Our team is always ready to provide you the best services! The quality is what makes the difference, that’s why we never let you down! This way, besides the thing that you will be extremely happy with our services, you will always come back whenever you may need!

Transparency and professionalism

Our team is characterized by transparency and professionalism, the way it should be! Everything will be beyond your expectations anytime you need us. Joth Logistik is the way of making sure that everything will be exactly as you want, without sacrificing quality!

Green thinking

By “Green thinking” we understand how important is the efficiency of fuel consumption and we reduce as much exhaust gases as we can using modern vehicles! We want to protect the environment and we are being careful at everything this implies.

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